About Pandas

Gangster Pandas Gang is unique collection of 6000 Pandas, which are operate on Ethereum blockchain. Each Panda has unique look and some equipment in hands. This equipment included different types of weapons and also medical equipment and chemical and biological equipment. These traits have pandas in Comics, where every single panda has its own story. They will try to save the world, which is rulled by zombies. You can expect more than 100 comic's editions!


We will give percentage of our income to charities, which holders can choose on Discord.

as a holder you will get access to:


  • limited collections

  • collaborate on the development of comics

  • FREE ETH FROM royalities

  • special offers

  • Whitelist spots

  • And more

Types of Equipment

more than 400 options


Submachine Gun


Assault Rifle

Sniper Rifle

Machine Gun

Granade Launcher

Medical Equipment

Chemical and Biological Equipment

Close Combat Weapon


Phase 1 - Gangster Pandas Gang

Pre-sale mint for whitelisted members start 2 days before public mint

The date of the public mint will be published soon

25% Minted Pandas

- 10% of the amount will go to KIDS CANCER CHARITY

50% Minted Pandas

- 10% of the amount will go to ENVIROMENTAL DEFENSE FUND

75% Minted Pandas

- 3% of the amount of every minted Pandas from start will go to charity, which holders will choose on our discord

100% Minted Pandas

- 3% of the amount of every minted Pandas from start will go to one lucky Gangster holder

Phase 2 - Comics

- creating and publishing Gangster Pandas Comics - there will be more than 100 editions!

Phase 3 - Merch

- creating limited Gangster Pandas merchandise - it will be linked to the comics

Phase 4 - Game

- owners of Ganster Pandas Gang collection will be able to play our game of Gangster Pandas: Zombie Apocalypse

Phase 5 - New collections

- new colections with new stories.


Join to our social media for more info, giveaways and whitelist's spots

Date of the public mint will be published soon


GANGSTA | Mr. Everything




Instagram Logomr.everything

Some future team members will be choosen from the community, stay TUNED!


How can I buy an NFT?

You will be able to mint an NFT directly from this website. After the collection sells out, you will be able to buy on secondary markets such as Opensea.

How many NFT's are available?

The collection is limited to 6,000. You can verify the ownership of your NFT and others on the blockchain.

What are the mint cost?

The mint price has not been disclosed yet. It will be announced on Discord at the same time as the announcement of the mint date

How can I get access to the whitelist?

You can get access to whitelist by participating campaigns on our social medias (Instagram, Twitter, Discord)

What do I get if I buy a Gangster Pandas NFT?

By purchasing nft you will have access to events, limited collections for holders, the opportunity to collaborate on the development of comics, free ETH from royalities, special offers and whitelist spots for other collections and more.